Friday, October 29, 2010

WOW! i haven't been on here in like FOREVER! so i will tell u my drama filled, sad and deperesing life! ok well last night was the dance... the halloween one. i rly wish i didn't go. because the guy i like was their and his parents usually don't let him come because their stupid and strict!!! so anyway when he came i lit up like a x-mas tree! i was so happy! :D but then i told my friend to go ask him to ask me! and she was like ok and then i was like.... oh shizz what the heck did i just do!?!?!?!? so then she found me and said he said that i would have to ask him :\ so i was like HE IS SUCH A BABY! so then a slow dance came on and i found him so i chickend out and didn't ask him we just talked the whole time. so then the last slow dance came on and i was like weslie.... he might not be able to come again! so i found him and asked him to dance he kinda mumbled his breath... but then he yelled YES! so we then i was like u don't have to u can go with sully (the guy he likes) and at the time i didn't know he had already promised her... so he just said no its OK... so then we started dancing and he was like if sully gets pissed seeing us then its not my fault! and i was like ya! it will be kallies... :) anyway about 10 awkard sec over he saw sully and let go of me and went to her :'( so then i was just trying to smile till he couldn't see my face anymore then my smile turned into a big huge frown!!! so i was supper sad! then we both got on gmail and he said he was way sorry..... now its been about 1 day since this and i am still sad\ pissed but more pissed at sully cuz she's a beach! because she was braging and making me cry by saying...... haha kade left you for me!!! haha im hotter!!!! :'( anyway thats the bigest thing so far... oh and tates.... (the guy i like) best friend ted has cancer!!!!! and my best friend (kallie) is peterfied and i know excataly what she's going through!!! :'( anyway so now she is asking everyone on fb to pray for him.... witch is kinda embaresing..... :\ oh well anyway she cryed a cuple times... :( shes pretty sad! oh and also i had a party last night and only 1 person came!!! :( and she was like 2 hours and 40 min. late!!!! :( so ya i had a pretty sad week! :'(

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Dance Night!

hey guys!
well this is practally my diary\jornal so i will write all my secrets on it! lol not ALL of them!
ok well i went to the dance just about like 3 days ago and it was AMA-ZING! i danced w\ the guy i like Will Mcween. he is a pretty cute kid. but he is really wierd though! (: anyway he is still WAY cute! i guess i will tell you the WHOLE story
ok well it was really quite ocward! so sadly my frieds had to ask him to ask me but oh well. so when my friend went to go ask him he said sure, yes, ya idk one of those. so the next slow dance comes on and guess what?!? HE WAS DANCING W\ ANOTHER GIRL! (this happend last time.) so i started getting REALLY mad! ): i really wanted to go punch him! but luckly i didn't.
so then i did the worst, best thing possible! I told my friend mckela! right after i told her she started stomping right away to go to him! i was so imbarssed! so then she came back to me and said "i told him that he had not asked me\weslie to dance and if he didn't the next slow dance that he would be VERY sorry!!!" so the next slow dance comes on and then she finds him and then he comes and askes me. (it is not the end yet)
so i said sure and we just started dancing. then my friend mckela said "you'll thank me later" and he gigled. so then we just did the side step dancing with my hands on his shoulders and his hands on my waist (sadly he barly tuched me ): ) we just stood their in silence. till the end, i asked him what he thought of my friend faith and he said "i don't like anybody right now" so i said oh or ya or well i don't really rember. then the song ended. ): now i don't know what song we where dancing to cuz i was focused on 2 things 1. don't mess up & 2. I cant beleive i am dancing with will mcween.... self DON'T SAY ANYTHING STUPID!!!!!
so when the song ended we "departed" and i really wanted to scream my lungs out! but i didn't so i just went in the car talked my ears and my moms ears out!!! lol anyway i got to go thanks for listining you guys (:

Sunday, November 22, 2009

borring \lame witch everone you want :d lol lol

hey guys ok so i dont know what to write about so ya hi lobe ya all :D this was sooooooooooooooo lame :D lol

Thursday, November 12, 2009

my holloween :(

had the WORST Halloween ever well it started out fine (by the way when I woke up I even forgot that yesterday was Halloween!) well anyway so I went to my sister-in-law’s so she could do my hair for Halloween then after that I went home to put on my costume well I was planning to go to Elkridge so I could hang out with Tyler and janay but janay and I didn’t really work out things very well so when I got there I couldn’t find them so that was a BIG bummer so I just went back home and I texted Lauren and asked her what she was doing for Halloween and she said that she was not doing anything so she asked me if I wanted to go trick or treating with her and of course I sad ya so I was all excited to go with my best friend so when she got to my house about 9:00 (let me just say this is the worst WORST time to go trick or treating) anyway so she got to my house and we started to go trick or treating and Lauren and I both wore high heels so we where both dyeing so we both took off our shoes well my feet where numb by the time we where at Sarah’s (another friend) anyway right when I was just about to go to her door I tripped on her 1 I said 1 step and hurt myself pretty bad I really just wanted to ball my eyes out cause it hurt so bad but I didn’t (strong I know) jk anyway I asked for a bandage and some alcohol (not the one you drink ha ha lol) and put it on my knee and my big toe and called my mom well my mom and my dad both went to go and drop off some red box movies and my dad told my mom that you have to give the movies to the same store so when my mom went to go get the movies back the red box box the thing was jammed so she had to go and do all this sort of stuff unfortanly she forgot her phone and so did my dad so I called them like 10 times each but still none answered so I called my brother randy and asked him if he could help me (oh and this was all at my friends house) anyway he said something that I still don’t remember but that’s not important so like right after I hung up with my brother my mom called and asked me what was wrong and I told her I got hurt pretty bad so she came and got me and I DIDENT EVEN GET TO GO TRICK OR TREATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So this was the worst most unluckiest Halloween and day of my LIFE so ya L

Sunday, October 4, 2009

hi guys so it has been a while since i have wrote so ya i am writing now so it has been a crazy year this year with money changes and alot of stuff anyway i will start with the best news my mom got married!!! i like the guy he is really nice but he told my mom that he thinks that i think he dosent have any fellings i know right so right now i am stuck between two changes the 2nd one is we MOVED!!! ahhhh new school new house (yes i did mean to say a 2 story house so cool) anyway i like my school i mean i already have alot of freinds more than i had at my old school (but i am not sure the all like me) :( it is a 3 story school and i have some upstair teachers so it is really hard sometimes cause i get lost it isint really but i think it is a REALLY BIG SCHOOL!!!!!!!!! so i am late to some classes cause i cant find them so that is pretty hard. money money money!!! money is really hard this year and i know i am a little bit too young to worry about money blah blah blah blah NO I AM NOT! so dont say i am :( annnyyywayyyyy..... so yesterday i was talking to jessica and guess what she said that no one says coolieo except for me!!! rude huh but then she said jk i love you :) random huh (so was that oh well) so i am soo excited for halloween i get to go to my 2nd haunted house (first one was at my house it was so awsome oh dont get me started) anyway i will go with my freinds it will be awsome well i gtg

bye people

Monday, August 24, 2009


hey everybody,
so a cupple days ago it was my first day of school and let me just say ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got lost like a millon times i could barley open my locker i even forgot it once. so i was late to class and it was just plain frusterating!!!!!!! but today was pretty good i ment a knew freind her name is tiffany so i guess that was pretty good:) i am so siked! THERE IS A DANCE IN 1 WEEK!!!!!!!!!!! i am so excited to go:) so i guess that is awsome:)

well i got to go

Sunday, June 28, 2009

my dream

hey so today i am really sad cause I will be going out of my ward and going into the 3rd ward so today is a really hard day cause i am almost out of time on staying in my ward and i really just wanted to give every one a big hug and say how much i will miss them well i had this really weird dream last night so i was going to my new ward and some how it was at jessica's chapel and i was in yw room. and all of the sudden all my old yw people where just popping up and they where just ignoring me when i said hi or when i asked why they where here. so when we left i said hi to kallie (ym person) and all she did was stick her nose up at me and just walk away. same with all the others so after that i guess i was asind to put up chairs (see what you did to me randy you are giveing me nightmares). so i was doing that and it was dark and all so anyway, when i was done i whent out side and my mom was picking me up and out on the property there was this huge circle and they where all of my yw members holding hands closeing there eyes and HUMMING!!! and there was a little giggle thier and little giggle here. but then all of the sudden BAM!!! they all came running twards me saying nothing at all just with eveil eyes. and then all of the sudden they disspeard in thin air but one was left the newest member abbie bird. she came out of the chapel and i was sitting on the cirb crying and she came to me and said hi. and i asked her what was going on and she said stuff like they hated me and they left the 10th ward just to taurture me then i asked what was the deal of them dissapering and reappering and then she dissaperd and i SCREAMED!!! and then i woke up. so pretty scary huh well i gtg love ya

weslie :)